All right, til we get the website moved, here's the calendar of events:

Wed. MUD VOLLEYBALL (Sept 1) at the BSU
Th. TAIGATING + FOOTBALL (Sept 2) at 3ish at the football parking lot
Th. NAV NITE (Sept 9) @ Spratt 203 @ 7pm

Oct 8-10 the MAIN EVENT!


Blog site moving

Hi! MWSU Navs is moving (has moved) to:

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FALL 2010 Schedule

Here's the calendar for all our upcoming events this fall. The biggest thing to mark on your calendars is NAV NITE (weekly meeting) :: Thursdays @ 7pm :: Spratt 203

Upcoming Calendar:
Sept 1--Mud Volleyball @ 4pm @ the Baptist Student Union (across street from campus to the south)

Sept 2--tailgating and opening football game (3pm, 6pm)

Sept 9--Nav Nite, Spratt 203 @ 7pm

Sept 16--Nav Nite, road trip to NWMSU for Jerry Bridges

Sept 23 (and every other Thursday this year)--Nav Nite, Spratt 203 @ 7pm

Oct 8-10--Main Event in KC (700+ students from regional universities, meeting for worship, learning, equipping)


Summer 2010

Semester's almost over! Give thought to your summer so that you "redeem the time, for the days are evil." Use it to refresh your spirit and drink deeply from the fountain of living water, Jesus.

What are you going to decide now to read? Scripture to memorize? What days are your going to set aside to pray (like go to a park for 2-3 hours at a time)?


Spring 2010

Hi everyone,
Here's some basic info for the semester:

Meeting Thursday nights @ 7 in Spratt 203. Worship, prayer, God's Word, fellowship. Bible studies will start next week.

Mens/Womens Retreat Feb 5-7. $55.

Summer Training Program registration deadline March 1.


For Scripture Memory Cards

Verse Card Maker : : ESV

Fighter Verses--A

Maybe someone wants to enter these for us and send us the ready-made pdf file??? Anybody?

Bueller? Bueller?


10 / 40 Window

Missions 101: What is the 10 / 40 Window?